Educating your Clients on Lash Hygiene

It is important for you as a lash technician to educate your clients about how to appropriately care for their lashes. This includes breaking stigmas about washing their eyelashes, advising on the best solutions for their lash extension health and providing information on appropriate aftercare.
There is a highly unhealthy stigma from the beginning of the eyelash extension era, that it is counter-productive for your lashes to be washed. It is believed that one must avoid getting their lashes wet to stop them from falling out which often results in eyelash dirt that can also cause an infection and stop your client from enjoying eyelash extensions for a while.
Not cleaning one’s lashes results in collecting dead skin cells, remains of the makeup, build-up of oils in your clients lash lines and in the best situation will remain as dirt that you must clear our every time, but in worst case scenario it will result in poor lash health, slower lash regrowth and even danger of having lash mites infest on your clients face.
For your client’s health and safety, it is your job to educate your clients about this dangerous myth and encourage them to carefully wash their lashes twice a day. It has been at least a decade since the lashing industry has developed and grown into creating lashing adhesives that are waterproof and do not weaken after exposure to moisture.
Your client can wash their lashes using either our own lash shampoo, which is specifically created for lash extension cleansing or any oil-free makeup remover. Educate them on the appropriate procedure of lash cleanse, advise on never rubbing their eyes. Instead, they can use a clean makeup brush and wash in a downward motion.
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