It all began in 2018 when
five creative Lashpreneurs decided
on joining their forces in the name of a
fabulous project.

These great and a little bit crazy people
are the kind of people who would call their
company ‘black’ and prefer to see the world in pink.

Combining their expertise in the lash industry
they wanted to create something unique, something that was designed for high performance, delivered consistent results and was also fun to work with.

Shortly after they found themselves on an exciting journey,
building a worldwide network of like-minded Lashing Geeks, they all now call family.

With a collective experience of 50 years in Beauty Services & Education, Beauty Products & Brand Building the quirky Black Lashes Pro won over lashing geek hearts worldwide.

Offering Lashing Education, Vegan Lashing Products and never-ending Lashing community support.

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