Ka-Pow Eyelash Extension Adhesive 5ml

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Working with Ka-Pow – The friendliest glue on the planet! Works in a wide range of humidity 30%-80% which alone is pretty impressive.
Ok, whatever I’ll write about my experience with this amazing glue will sound like I am just trying to sell it to you. So I will give you some real life reviews from our clients and their experience with it.

”Petra” I just looove this glue! It´s AWESOME”. And it stays fresh on the lash tile like forever!

“Therese” Oh, this GLUE!! If you haven´t tried it yet, BUY it!

“Monika” This glue is an all rounder, I’ve used it for over a month now and have not had to switch to another one as of yet.” So yeah,
It’s truly a market innovation that everyone loves!

I will share my thoughts about it too! So Ka-Pow and me started our affair a bit on the down low… We didn´t want to go public with our relationship too soon, IF it would go south. We tried each other on for size and after a month of getting to know each other we decided to announce that Ka-Pow was going to be available to the public very shortly. Why? Well here´s the full story.
I have always been in so much love with Black Lashes adhesives, they never let me down! When the season changes so does my choice of glue.
❅ Winter has always had Quickie as a favourite and
☀ Wowza in summertime. And when we are in those pesky in-betweens: Boomtastic was my go to.
Well, as soon as humidity turned over 35% me and Ka-Pow got along soooo well. It reacts when it hits the natural lash and bonds instantly, but you can take 1 second to do it, or 4 (no more), it doesn´t matter. It only starts curing as soon as it hits the natural lash!!
I work from a lash tile beside my clients head and I usually change glue drop every 20 minutes, (15 during summertime) but with Ka-Pow I change every hour!
When the humidity passes 60% I change every 45 min! I save ALOT of glue just through that! So amazing right?
Well it doesn´t stop there! I also saw a remarkable change with some of my ”troubled” clients, you know the ones, where you do everything right but retention is not optimal? Well, the 2 week infills turned into 3 week infills, and a few turned into 4 week infills where the lashes where so outgrown they doubled in length, but they where still hanging in there!
With a combination of Ka-Pow and Oh´Curr, retention has never been better and I can´t believe the industry isn´t flooded with these types of products! It needs to be known! NOW! Haha, Great retention is coming! It is known! 😉 Happy lashgeeking!

By Jane Eriksson, Ancient Lash Geek and Black Lashes brand ambassador

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